Storage Wall Plans

The Storage Wall System was designed to provide the kind of multipurpose addition needed to keep up with the changing needs of a growing family. As a baby care center the project provides a four-foot closet, a toy bin, a changing table, plus diaper, towel and linen storage, as well as lots of shelf space for teddies and toys and books. As a play center for young kids, the project can easily be altered to provide a fold-down art/project table and the toy bin can now be filled with sports equipment as well as games and toys, and a built-in wastebasket. For a study/hobby center for older teens, the fold-down table is perfect as a homework area, with plenty of room for books, computers, etc. The shelves provide amble room for video games and electronic equipment, and the closet is plenty big enough for clothes and all the sports equipment that teenagers seem to require.