Sewing Center Plans

The Sewing/Crafts Center was designed to provide a large working space that can be closed out of the way with a minimum of time spent packing your notions and materials. Because a portion of the work table stays flat when the unit is closed, you can leave your sewing machine or tools or craft project undisturbed and simply scoop your materials to one end of the work table when closing up shop. There are racks and shelves where materials can be kept protected and handy. There are file spaces for project patterns, a rack for spools of thread, a built-in wastebasket, a cork bulletin board for “pin ups,” a pegboard notions/tool holder, a clothes rod for hanging fabric projects in the works, and a mirror. It’s an easy-to-build project for active families and individuals who love to work on crafts when they have time, and eliminates the need to constantly clean up the dining room table in the middle of a project.
The Sewing Center makes a great model building area, or any other type of hobby space where you want to close the projects away at the end of the evening.