The Mini-Indy 3...The latest car in the Mini-Indy series, and the best!
Lighter, more responsive, easier to build, and better performance all around
The Mini-Indy 3 races into the 21st Century!

The much-loved Mini-Indy series of projects has a new member! With all-new drive system design, new steering and brake designs, lighter and with more power, this is the best Mini-Indy yet!

We decided to update the Mini-Indy concept to incorporate things we'd learned over the years in building other small racers, and the Mini-Indy 3 is the result. A fun, fast machine which retains the original style and feel of the earlier Mini-Indys. With all the controls on the handlebar, the Mini-Indy 3 is accessible to people of many ages and abilities — And it's just plain FUN!

The Mini-Indy 3 may be new-and-improved, but it still requires NO welding and can be built by beginner builders (as is the case with all of our projects!) The new drive and steering systems are stronger and easier to assemble than the previous designs, and are more precise for better performance.

This latest Mini-Indy version was designed with electric racing in mind as well, and will form the basis of an exciting and very worthwhile educational hands-on building program.

Plans are not yet available — Sorry about that! Unfortunately, there are a few external factors which are holding up the process and we don't have a target date at this point...

The Mini-Indy series of projects began nearly forty years ago in the early '70's. We had wanted to explore coasting again, memories of downhill fun of our childhood. It was great fun, but we quickly tired of pushing the Formula-Zero racer (that was what we called it in 1974) back up the hill...We spent a bit of time in the shop and out rolled the first Mini-Indy! The eventual article in Popular Mechanics magazine was very well received and began the legacy of Mini-Indys which continues today. (Oddly, we would go on to do almost the same thing in the '90's: Build a coaster to remind ourselves how fun downhill racing is, then add a n engine to keep the fun going! In this case, these cars became the CycleKarts...)

In 1978 we brought out the second version, the Mini-Indy II. This was primarily a styling update to incorporate some of the visual pizaz we liked from the late-'70's Indy cars.

We spent a lot of time in the '70's at the unbelieveably wonderful Briggs Cunningham Auto Museum. Sadly, this museum no longer exists, but these photographs of the Mini-Indy and Mini-Indy II were taken there and we're glad to share these as a reminder of the amazing cars, people, and memories of that very special place...

A Bit Of History On The Original Mini-Indy & Mini-Indy II

The Mini-Indy has been a popular project for almost forty years now! Take a look at some of the great photos people have sent us of their Mini-Indys.

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