Lap Pool & Deck Plans

Lap pools make a lot of sense, providing full-length swimming without taking up much yard space, maintenance, energy or money to build. Swimming in a Lap Pool is also nice, as it seems easier to maintain concentration over time (at least for us). Our Lap Pools have a shorter wall height than total depth, which makes building the pool faster and less expensive. It's also a nice shape to keep clean and to swim in!

It’s easy to take care of, and with its all around insulation and small surface area, it keeps its heat, especially if covered. The combination of vinyl liner and small capacity keeps chemical costs down, and the narrow shape is easy to clean. These plans include detailed directions and diagrams for building a 4’x32’ concrete block pool, along with a roll-away cover system and surrounding wood deck, and all plumbing details. Depth of the pool is 4’ and depth of the spa is 33". All materials, equipment and labor is an additional cost and not included.