Pool & Deck Plans

This is our most popular sized pool, measuring 16’x32’ with a depth of 39” in the shallow end tapering to 7 ½’ in the deep end. Wall construction is pressure treated plywood, and the plans include instructions for a reel back cover. The pool is surrounded by a generous sized deck on all four sides made with 2”x4” cedar stock. These plans include detailed directions and diagrams for building the pool, deck and also include instructions for installing a ladder and pool light. All materials, equipment and labor is an additional cost and not included.

We really enjoyed this pool, for many years (until we sold the house where the prototype pool was built, then we ended up building another one at the next spot and it is still in use over twenty years later!) The first pool became home to our original Weekender, at times when we needed the trailer for other boats! We had houseguests who preferred to sleep in the boat in this pool rather than in the house! We had a LOT of fun with this pool design over the years!